Monday, June 04, 2007

Blog highlights

Life has been such recently that I haven't written or read much in the blogosphere. In catching up today I have run across some gems. So, in the spirit of lazy bloggers everywhere, I give you these reading suggestions:

First, if you have not yet visited Pastor Rick Stuckwisch's blog, you must do so. For those of us with children the age of mine, his post Matchmaking, Boyfriends and Girlfriends is an excellent read. And before you leave, read his post about First Communion.

For a quick laugh, go visit Barbara Frank.

For more entertainment, as well as a look at a day ion the life of an organ technician, check out The Elephant's Child. (She also has some great links about the ethanol problem.)

Maybe some more later. Now I have to leave my house again, which means that will be able neither to blog, nor to read blogs.

1 comment:

elephantschild said...

Thanks for the blog plug. Sorry I'm three weeks late noticing it. I never look at my stats, and thus get behind on noticing when someone links me.