Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy things #9

Tonight you get several pictures. And quite a few words.

I had a very rare entire day at home today. It was my day off work and I didn't have a car. I had decided last night that I was going to tackle our unmatched sock monster today. And I did. But that's another story.

While I was working on the sock project, I decided that I should work on the linen closet. And then, while I was at it, I decided to work on the linen press, too.

Presenting today's happy thing.

This is my linen closet. Nothing is falling out or falling over. Tomorrow I will use my label maker, which I keep at church, to label the spots where the post-its are. On the top shelf on the left are the queen sheets, on the right are two of the king sets and my summer duvet cover and shams, each tied with a nice piece of tulle ribbon. 
Below that, from left to right are full sheets, twin sheets, and pillow cases.

I got rid of the pillowcases that no one likes. I got rid of a few fitted sheets that had lost their elasticity. A couple of the sheets that are no longer fit for that purpose are going to become pillow cases, since I like large pillows and king cases are expensive. I also have a list of a couple of items that we need.

I also got rid of any wash cloths and hand towels that had gotten too shabby. Getting rid of a stack of hand towels bought me enough room that when most of our towels are clean, they will fit in the closet in three stacks. If they're ever all clean, we're in trouble.

An extra mattress pad, comforter, and blanket fill in the final shelf. The Rubbermaid container is full of stuff for ongoing house projects, that's a good place for it, for now.

It isn't Pinterest-worthy, but it is neat and functional and I am ecstatic.

THIS is one of those awesome things about an old house. This is the linen press. It is across our 9'x 9' upstairs hall from the linen closet. The cabinet is three feet wide and two feet deep.

 Nothing is falling out of it either. Everything is organized. The top shelf has back up toilet paper and paper towels, three comforters, and a blanket. The second shelf has a dozen beach towels; tissues; a tote with swiffer cloths, cleaning wipes, a few dust cloths that I can just grab quickly; and back up laundry supplies. The lowest shelf has the current toilet paper  and paper towel packages, cleaning supplies, and extra personal care items.

I have a rag drawer. I have a drawer for tablecloths, but they are needing a bit more room, so I'm working on consolidating the middle two drawers which have first aid supplies, hair-cutting stuff, and a lot of miscellaneous.

We have a lot of linens. We have eight beds that will sleep eleven people, and air mattresses and couches to accommodate another eight or so. We still have a few more comforters that need homes, but we'll get there.

 Tonight, these two spaces make me very, very happy.


kay m. said...

My new favorite thing for my linen closet is to roll my towels and stack them on a shelf. So much easier for my than my previous tilting piles! When I get my closets looking like yours I have to keep opening them to see how awesome they are every time I pass by. ;-)

Jane said...

I kept doing that last night, Kay. I also dragged each of my sons upstairs and showed them. :D

organistsandra said...

I like that your piles aren't so high that you can't squeeze in another thing. There is space! It's so hard to stay organized when everything is crammed.