Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy thing #3

Today we go back again to the more trivial, from the lofty heights of yesterday.

Part of the reason is that I don't want these to be in anything that resembles an order, is so that when and if I post pictures of important people in my life I won't hear, "I always knew you loved him best."

These are my bedroom curtains on part of my bedroom windows. I love my bedroom with its four big sunny windows. I knew that they needed to be covered, for privacy, but I hated to lose the view of the trees and sky that I see when I'm in my bed.

I also don't love the orange trim, left from the previous occupant. But the many paint layers need to be stripped, not painted over, so it will be with me for a while.

My dear friend EC helped me figure out curtains that would let me have my view and my privacy at the same time. She helped me pick fabric that would works with the orange, while de-emphasizing it. They are airy. They blow in the breeze and don't block the light.

They make me happy. Thanks, EC!

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