Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy things #16

How awesome is it that there is a place that you can go and bring home stacks of books, and as long as you take  them back on time, you don't have to pay?*

This is my stack from yesterday. It's pretty light reading.I'm interspersing these books with The Brothers Karamazov on my Kindle. I read a chapter of that, and then another book. It keeps me from getting that dark, Russian feeling.

Stacks of library books are one of my life-long happy things.

*(And yes, I know about taxes. I pay them. I know what our library taxes are and it is a deal. I get my money's worth. And I think that libraries are completely within the purview of local government.)

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Susan said...

As far as not-paying, there's also the truth that you're paying library taxes whether you use the place or not. So using it is free.

And you're right about "what a deal." Once upon a time, when our county was fighting with the neighboring county over who kicked in how much for the neighbor's library, and I had to PAY $100 for my library card at the super-dooper library in the next county, it was still a good deal.