Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy thing #10

This painting greets me every morning when I wake up. I see it when I walk into my room. I have gazed at it in different kinds of light.

It is called Waiting, and I can see that in it. But there is a forward motion in the figure that says to me, waiting, but actively. Moving forward. There's something restrained, but hopeful.

I love this painting.

I love the colors.

I love that it was painted by the very talented, Genie Maples, who I have known for a number of years. I have a few of her paintings. Not as many as I would like, because her talent commands a price that's out of my budget most of the time. (There is one particular work of hers that I still mourn someone else's purchase of.)

This isn't a great photo. It doesn't capture the colors well. It captures the feel, to a certain extent, but not completely. The only remedy is to come visit me, so you can see it.

And that would make me happy, too.

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