Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy things #1

My first happy thing is completely frivolous. I know it. But it makes me happy.

Among my many warring personality traits are the facts that I am a total disorganized messy, but I am also highly visual and clutter drives me crazy. So I am constantly looking for ways to tame visual noise, but also to have things organized in a way that works for me. Put away, out-of-sight, doesn't do it. For me, out of sight equals gone.

I also like to be able to see the things that I love.

I love my scarves.

I didn't love them in a drawer. Or falling off of a hanger in my closet.

I do love them on this nifty hanger thingy from IKEA.

They are unwrinkled. (Except for my pink pashmina, it was on the floor of the coat closet and needs ironing.) I can see them. They stay put. They hide some of the orange door. 


Bethany said...

Hey, I have one of those, from Ikea! It's a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Jane said...

Yep. The hangers that I got for Patchy's ties are awesome, too. I need to get one for your father.

Mary Swerens said...

I like that little organizer. I have scarves, but I cannot see them, so I forget I have them... LOL