Saturday, March 07, 2009

The end of the story

Maybe I really didn't run my van out of gas. We aren't sure. It may have been the beginning of the fuel pump going out. That repair was $900.

The Buick didn't cost anything to fix. Colin looked at it and discovered that when the car had some maintenance work done on Tuesday, the air filter hadn't been properly replaced. It caused sensors to trip, which in turn shut off the engine.

I got through the silent auction last night. Now I'm ready to spend some time working on the house.


The Parson's Wife said...

Check your "relay" switch first... the fuel pump one... in our Explorer it is under the dash board by the passengers feet. We had the same type of problem... the part is only $20ish and repair much easier. (This switch automatically makes the fuel pump stop working if you are in an accident and tends to get "bumped" a lot by getting in and out of the car, packages being stored under the dash and such... it worked in our case... I don't know if you can test it first or if you just have to replace it to know... Sorry about the car problems, we are so there... and down to only one now.

Elephantschild said...

Hmmmm... air filter not replaced properly?

Sounds like a job done by Iffy Lube.

(We never got out of that chain of oil-change places without SOMETHING messed up!)

Kim said...

We had to replace the fuel pump on Paul's car recently. It seems that a number of stations in our area got tainted gas and since he fills up so often it was worse for us than most others. Luckily it was only $100 for a new pump and he was able to install it himself.