Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Went shopping today with my mom and Bethany. I hadn't been shopping for months, unless it was to look for something particular and necessary for some member of the family. I've always enjoyed shopping as recreation--especially with my mom --but today I just wasn't into it.

Nothing looked like anything that I wanted. It all seemed too expensive. The music in all the stores was too loud. The only store I really enjoyed was Borders. And I had a gift card, which made it that much better!

I don't know if this is a momentary blip, or a sign of some deeper change. But me not enjoying shopping is significant enough to merit comment.


Elephantschild said...

If I see ONE more brown-and-teal color scheme I'm going to puke.

Ditto for brown-and-celery green.

Ditto for brown-and-light blue.


Lora said...

Maybe you're channeling me. :)

Jane said...

LOL! You're rubbing off on me.

GreenJello said...

The older I've gotten, the less apt I am to buy "stuff". So shopping isn't nearly as fun when I think, "Do I really want to deal with this if we move in 10 years?"

Debbie Theiss said...

Shopping is not so much "fun" or me either. I have been wondering why not as of late. I do know my favorite shopping buddy deserted me to get married last August. I still like to shop for books, and fabric. Maybe my outlook has just changed and mutured. hmmmm. I can only hope so! :-)

Elephantschild said...

She said "books" and "fabric" heh, heh. Mmmmm..... ::scuttles out the door::