Thursday, March 05, 2009

Act II

I shared yesterday's van trial last night. Here's an update.

The van is not running. It is in a parking lot, sitting, waiting for Colin to go look at it and see if he can tell more than I can about why it's not running. Needless to say, since it is in a parking lot, I was stranded for a time today.

But WAIT! That's not all!

My car is not running either. It is also in a parking lot. Fortunately, it is in the church parking lot, where it died this afternoon. It started acting up while I was our running around trying to gather silent auction items, and I was fervently praying that it just get me to church. It did. So at least I got to enjoy some yummy soup and a church service, but the car is not starting. So Colin's going to go look at it tomorrow, too.

We are wondering about the gas--from the same station--that we put in both cars, which were both empty or very nearly so. Bethany filled her nearly empty car at the same station minutes after I did, so let's see if hers is next.


Susan said...

Oh, Jane. Oh no! This is not happy news.

Emily said...

Yikes! What station was it?

Cheryl said...

The possibility of bad gas is one reason I always print and save my receipt for a few days after getting gas. My husband once got a round of bad gas and it totally fried his engine. Luckily he did have the receipt and was able to prove to the station what had happened (he wasn't the only one) and they covered the repair.