Monday, March 30, 2009

It shouldn't have to be stated

But unfortunately, in this climate, it seems sadly necessary.

Angie Harmon says, "I'm not a racist because I disagree with Obama."

The Racist Card is becoming the new tool for attempting to stifle dissent. Racism is evil, and so is accusing people of it because they don't agree with you. Being called a racist is difficult to defend against--because you're stuck trying to prove a negative-- but it can't be accepted in silence.


Matthew Talley said...

I keep hearing people saying they're being called racist, yet I haven't heard anyone call them racist. While she was being outspoken, she could have explained who accused her of being racist - if someone actually did. Or is it her conscience calling her racist?

Jane said...

I am guessing that anyone who has called her a racist already knows it. :)

As for hearing about it happening, this is why:
It happened to a guy on an email list that I am on during the election.

I have seen people called racist on Twitter, always by liberals as their parting shot after attempts at rational discussion with them as failed. It's as if they are saying, "I know I can't win on facts, so you're a racist." (Or Hitler, etc.)

I have seen commenters on political stories on blogs or news sites call other commenters racist for their opinions that disagree with Obama.

So, yes, it happens. And it shouldn't because there is plenty of reason to disagree with Obama.

Anonymous said...

She is obviously a huge Republican. She was a supporter of Bush and McCain. She should stick to acting. I think this is more about politics than race, people.

I don't think anyone assumes that someone is racist just because they don't agree with Obama's policies. As a Republican, she likely disagrees with him because he's a Democrat. She even spoke at the RNC in 2004.

I think she is the one using race where it doesn't belong.

Jane said...

Anonymous, this is her point:
"she..disagrees with him because he's a Democrat," not a racist. And yet, ever since before the election conservatives have been accused of being racists when they express disagreement with Obama.

You say, "I think she is the one using race where it doesn't belong."

She isn't "using" anything. She is responding to what others have said.

I think it's interesting that both commenters have sought to cast aspersions on Ms. Harmon to close their comments. Liberals often seem to have a hard time not demonizing with people who disagree with them.

Evan said...

It's worth noting, as John Derbyshire recently pointed out, that when liberals smear someone as "racist", they're not generally suggesting that the person has ever done anything racially discriminatory. What they're really being accused of is thoughtcrime.

Evan said...

Also, if anyone says they haven't heard anyone being called racist, they clearly aren't listening.

A comment on Jake Tapper's blog, from a story on the resolution of the Maersk Alabama pirate crisis that was completely neutral toward Obama:

"Some Americans just can't get use to having an intelligent president especially since he's not white."

Yeah, nobody being accused of racism around here.