Saturday, February 07, 2009

Time flies

It does. When I'm working and listening to Issues, Etc., time flies.

I am trying to get my office cleaned out so that I can get my scrapbooking stuff moved up here and organized. So I have spent several hours going through old paperwork: sorting, trashing, putting in the shred pile. I've managed to clear out one huge Rubbermaid box worth of paper and several smaller things. Old tax records that need to stay around are now in the basement.

Normally this feels like drudgery, but Todd Wilken and his guests have been keeping me company. Thanks guys!

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Kristi said...

LOL, that is exactly what I am doing as we speak. I had grand plans to scrapbook all day (tough when you can't see a flat surface to scrap on). I have yet to make a page, but the office looks lots better.

Pages to be done soon! I may post my progress! (If I get anything done!) Keep up the good work.