Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ADD life

I'm in one of my extreme ADD phases right now. I always have to struggle a bit with focus, but at times--like now--it's really bad.

I have too many interests. I enjoy too many things. And of course, I have things I have to do. Right now, on top of the normal cooking, cleaning, etc., I have taxes to do. (Fair Tax, anyone?) The Bach Collegium Silent Auction is in two weeks and I am really struggling to get donations. I still haven't closed out last year's books at church.

I need to upload photos, go through photos on the computer, and place a snapfish order. I need to get my scrapbooking stuff consolidated into my office closet. I need to finish recovering my dining room chairs and painting my kitchen cupboards. I want to get the house ready to sell.

I still haven't gotten around to baking bread or sewing the aprons that I've had fabric and patterns for for over a year. I have 15 library books checked out and two months worth of magazines to read. I need to sew the buttons back onto my London Fog coat. (They weren't sewn on, sew they've all popped off. I have a pile of stuff to eBay.



Dakotapam said...

I feel your pain...

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I can relate too. I was taking medication for ADD until I had some panic attacks last year. Now I have to do without. It can be an uphill battle!