Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog fog

As anyone who reads my blog often can see, I've been a bit blocked.

I've had a hard time writing about much of anything. I've been in a funk because of what is going on politically. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all of the work I have to do on my house if I want to sell it. I'm feeling like I should be doing better at contributing to our household income. I haven't been cooking enough. My brain has felt cloudy. I just haven't felt like writing.

But things are turning around. I'm planning my garden. I've sold several things on eBay, which is two plusses: a plus in the decluttering column and a plus in the income column. I cooked dinner tonight and have dinners planned for the rest of this week. I have a week without a lot of outside commitments, so I should be able to make some progress.

I made myself a promise that I am going to blog every day, to keep the fog at bay.


The Parson's Wife said...

wow, it looks like your house is in order... fog or no fog... You Go Girl!

Susan said...

Politics? Something going on in politics? La lalala la la lala....
Signed -- ostrich with head in sand

Elephantschild said...

I'm with Susan.

"Chimpanzee riding on a Segway, Chimpanzee riding on a Segway, bam, bam-bam, bam, bam... bam." ::skips off into the sunset::