Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's about TIME

The theme today is TIME. I wanted to use a picture of the cool water clock at the Indianapolis Childrens Museum, but I didn't have a clear enough one. So I started thinking about ways to show the passage of time. I thought that this tombstone of one of our distant relatives shows the passage of time in many ways, including by the weathering of the stone.

Now I'm off to shop!


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Never That Easy said...

That's pretty interesting; especially how they would mark the # of days lived, rather than just a birthday. Very fitting. Have a great post-Thanksgiving week!

LibertyBelle said...

A great photo for the theme!
We all end up there - eventually.
Happy Saturday!
Mine's up too!

Anonymous said...

As usual, I was stumped by the theme. You made a great choice for "time."

Nicki said...

What a great choice for the theme :)

Anonymous said...

I love this picture, it's a very interesting choice for "time" and I like the way you set up the shot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, she sure died very young. Thank you for sharing.