Friday, November 10, 2006

Goodbye Beggars

As I have feared for the last several days, Beggar's All is no more. I didn't know if they were somehow hijacked or chose to go. The latter is the case, and they will be missed.

There are several other blogs in my blogroll that have gone away, so I guess some clean up is in order.

UPDATE: Here's the the explanation for what happened to Beggar's All. This was posted on Lutherquest, so try not to stumble off the path.

HT: Beckfest


The Hen (Charity) said...

May I ask why? Do people simply not want to blog any more?

Jane said...

I think that for some the blogosphere becomes too consuming. I know I went through a time period where I spent hours a day reading blogs and blogging.

Part of it, too, for some people is that when you have a blog you feel a sense of obligation to post regularly. There are times when it can just be impossible or just add stress.

And I'm sure some have just gotten bored with it. :)