Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I am thoroughly exhausted tonight, but in a good way.

It was a satisfactory day working at the polls. Everything went quite smoothly at my three precincts, although I was surprised at the turnout. It was not large.

For all of the angst the Indiana Dems have had over our new voter ID laws my heavily Democrat, lower-income, largely minority precincts--which also includes a large nursing home--had not one single problem wth it. They seem to see it the same way most of the people I know do: as a common sense way to help preserve the integrity of our elections.

One new element that made today even better is that my hubby served as one of my clerks.


Meg L. said...

Hey Jane,

I think we talked about this before, but refresh my memory. Is it 50 ft. from the polls themselves, or 50 ft. from the door into the building.


Jane said...

There's a 50 foot long space called the chute that can be inside our outside of the building, depending on the set-up, but should be roped off or marked in some way. Then any electioneering needs to take place 25 feet from that.