Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prom, again

Some of the responses to my post about sleazy prom dresses take issue with the prom itself.

For the record, I love the idea of the prom. I went to four. (The grainy picture is of me in my pink Nadine formal with a four-bone hoop that I wore to my senior prom. The cute young guy is now my hubby.) There's not much I like better than getting really dressed up for a nice evening out.

I was quite excited for my daughter when she got to attend the prom with a friend from church. It was an interesting experience, and she got to wear a beautiful dress. Shopping for it was a challenge, but we got really lucky and found a beautiful $700+ dress marked down to less than $100 because of some slight damage. I am glad that when she went it was with a friend. That takes away a lot of the worries for mom and dad.

I do think that there are problems with proms. Often these are because--as with the dresses--parents aren't being parents, they're being buddies. So they let the group of couples go spend the weekend at the lake cottage unchaperoned. They charge the cost of the limo so that the kids don't have to drive. (One mother I know told me, "I know they're going to get trashed. It's part of prom.) The expectation of many parents seems to be that their teens will misbehave, so they will make sure they're relatively safe doing so.

A couple of years ago there was an ad for color-coordinated underwear for prom. Very skimpy stuff to match the dress. Exactly who was supposed to be seeing this?


Melynda said...

I don't understand that either. I REALLY don't undertand parents sending their daughters with a group of guys to florida for spring break but I have known SO many ppl who are ok doing that. Crazy.

Genuine Lustre said...

Worse than Florida ( and that's bad!) are the parents that send their daughter, with a friend, to Central America for a vacation, right after graduation. What the hell are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

Aw, my dress for my senior prom was long like that with a hoop underneath, too :-) It was white but not as many pretty frills as yours. It was fun to wear.

Cate said...

Pretty pictures!

And I agree with you about the dress issue and parenting in general. So many parents these days seem to have just thrown up their hands and think,"Well, they're going to do it (insert drink/sex/whatever) anyway, I might as well make sure they're safe."

I mostly find fault in a society and culture that has made that mindset the norm. Most parents I know consumed with work, sports, activities, etc. don't even think twice about some of this stuff because, quite literally, everyone is doing it. That's what so many parents think responsible parenting IS these days.

I feel the worst for the kids put in the adult situations they're put in with no guidance.