Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

This is a year of birthdays that feel significant, some because the number attached has some particular importance--18 & 13 arrive this year--some, like this one because of the combination of age and person.

Fifteen years ago Jonathan Max was born in a suburban Chicago hospital. He was almost two weeks past his due date when he finally decided he didn't have enough cartwheel room left in there. He started life off by scaring us all. He made his appearance with the umbilical cord tightly wrapped around his neck and a blue face. Thanks to our doctor's quick action, this was quickly remedied. Jonathan's initial Apgar score was 3, but by the time they did the five minute test it was 9.

--later to be known as Boo-Boo--was the easy baby. He was an easy toddler. He was an easy child. He has always had a sweet, cuddly personality overlying a core of iron will. As he gets older the iron will seems to peek through more often, but I think that's how it's supposed to be.

He has a gorgeous voice.
He gets up--on his own and by his own choice--to go to early service on Sundays, even though we will all attend the late service. (Otherwise he sleeps as late as possible!)
He is a huge help to his mama.
He has a fantastic imagination.
He's the middle boy and has long been buddy of choice for both brothers.

Fifteen seems a lot older than fourteen. My sweet boy is becoming a young man. He's finishing his first high school year. He's making plans for the future, and will be attending music camp in Wisconsin this summer and Christ Academy at the seminary. He's growing up.

Happy Birthday Boo!


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My son is a boo too! Happy birthday Jonathan!