Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just got back from a visit with my good friend Susan. There's nothing like a visit with Susan to make me ready to turn over a new leaf in some area of my life.

Susan often thinks she's not getting anything done, but she blows me away! While I was at her house she washed all of the sheets--at the laundromat, no less--hung them on the line, and made an unplanned tasty, balanced, homemade dinner, in an hour, from ingredients that were in her house. She made homemade tortillas for lunch-time burritos. And interspersed in all of this she posted to her blog a couple of times, hung out with me for hours. This was all in about 27 hours, and I'm assuming she slept.

The tortillas were awesome, and I have to try to make them for my family. But the thing that made the most impact on me this time was that dinner and lunch were eaten at the table with everyone who was home. We almost never manage to eat at the table together. So the first day after I got home I cleared off the table and we all ate together. It was very nice.

Unfortunately, for us, it's a rare occasion, but it's one of those new leaves I always want to turn over after I hang out with Susan.

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Susan said...

We ate one meal together today, and one yesterday. We're doing way better than we've done for the last couple of months!