Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New library

One of the first places I always visit when I move to a new town is the library. I can still describe in minute detail the Carnegie Library in the town where I did the majority of my growing up. Among the many disappointments in the last place we lived was a small, dark, out-of-date library.

When we moved to Fort Wayne and I visited the downtown library I was pleased because it was large and busy, but it was also crowded, so I wasn't surprised when, soon after we moved here, it closed and moved for a rebuild. During that time I have mostly made do with my nearby branch, where I can pick up any book that the system has in a few days by just requesting it from my computer at home. The only time that I went to Renaissance Square was if I wanted to visit the genealogy department.

Saturday the new library finally opened and it is going to be gorgeous. I say going to be because there is still some finishing to be done, but it is spacious and light. The new home of the largest public genealogy collection in the country is wonderful. I wandered around for a little while yesterday after I took Bethany to work and I can't wait to spend a lot more time there.


Lisa said...

ohhhh. another reason for me to come and visit!!

Presbytera said...

One of the first outings Naomi and I went on when they moved to Cleveland was to the main branch of the library downtown. It is a beautiful old building (actually 2 side by side) which has floors of books. There is one floor which is dedicated to books in foreign languages. Next time you come, we could pop on downtown and be awed together.

Jane said...

Definitely! I especially love *old* libraries. I think Bethany and I are going to make an Ohio road trip before too long.