Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good reads

What is everyone reading? Does anyone have any good suggestions?

If I find an author that I like I tend to go on reading jags until I wear that author out. Right now I'm reading all of the books by Lee Child, who I read about on someone's blog. I usually have a number of books going at any time, and one of them is always a mystery/thriller/espionage type book. Until I finish the Child books, they will be filling that category. I have several books by other authors on hold at the library, but the wait for books by popular authors in these genres is often as much as six months.

I also usually have one self-help type book going. Most of them don't do me much good. I'm still a disorganized procrastinator. But I have been reading/working on a book for the last week that is really helping me at least get my office organized. It is Getting Things Done. I'm hoping it will help me do just that!

I'm also trying to keep up with my two oldest children, so I try to read one classic at least every month or so. I just finished The Magnificent Ambersons and it was such easy reading that I feel like I cheated! I enjoyed it tremendously, so I just added The Gentleman from Indianapolis to my pile. But more Tarkington will have to wait until I finish Swann's Way, because I just picked that up from the library. This may be the first work of literature in a long time that I read before either of my older children.

In the non-fiction department I just started Devil in the White City. I also have Larson's Thunderstruck on hold. I usually have some kind of book on language or writing going, but I currently have two of those on hold, so I guess I'll just have to spend a bit more time with Jack Reacher.


Anonymous said...

HA- just try to read a classic before me. Proust is sitting on my bedside table right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm working my way through a wonderful, insightful book called _Hold On To Your Kids--Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers_ (non-fiction) and The Memory Keeper's Daughter in the fiction department.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Interesting stuff. I haven't tried Lee Childs yet, but my wife enjoys them. I did read "Devil in the White City," a year or two ago at my mother-in-law's recommendation. This fed my fascination with serial murderers and true crime. I just purchased "Getting Things Done," while in New York recently. But I haven't started reading it yet. I guess that's one of the things I haven't gotten done. Have been enjoying "11 1/2 Weird Ideas that Work," a book on management.

Presbytera said...

I am on my second last Jack Reacher book. I am so glad I found this series. I love it. He's the non-government agent Jack I've come to enjoy. There's Jack Bauer on Monday night and Jack Reacher all the least for a little while longer.

~Jennifer said...

I've only have three reads going right now, and one is on CD, so that doesn't really count.

I listen to Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon on CD while I walk on the treadmill. The self-help book I'm reading right now is Constant Craving by Doreen Virtue, and it has helped me gain insights into why I overeat, making me really think about what feelings are driving me to indulge.

I'm also reading Where Miracles Happen by Joan Wester Anderson. I picked that one up from the library for my son because a couple of weeks ago he was talking about God and miracles and wondering why God performed miracles in biblical times and doesn't seem to now.

Milkmaid said...

Jane - I know the librarians think I"ve insane. I've read so many books like "The Pocket Stylist" and "40 Things Women Over 40 Need to Know About Getting Dressed" and "Unleash Your Inner Bombshell" that they probably expect me to come in looking like the devil wearing Prada - LOL!

Rosamund Pilcher - Winter Solstice - my favorite cozy read.
I'm currently working my way thru Kristin Lavransdatter - by Sigrid Unset.
Non-fiction - Fit Within by Victoria Moran. - P.

ghp said...

I'm also trying to work my way through GTD; however, I find that I'm fighting my own self quite strongly. I know I need to impose a little more order & discipline (and the root idea of GTD, that loose ends cause conscious & sub-conscious angst, is one that I think has much merit...), but I just can't seem to buckle down enough to finally get a GTD system implemented.

Here's hoping you have better luck than me! ;^)

Unknown said...

Hi Jane, I've read all of the Jack Reacher books, and I think I may have blogged about them. Aren't they fun? The novels are great escape reads, perfect for lying on a beach, sipping a cocktail with a little umbrella in it. I just finished Water for Elephants which a friend (who I trust implicitly) recommended, but I was disappointed in it.

Jane said...

I'm definitely going to have to put those style-related books on hold. I have been feeling really frumpy lately.

Julie, I think it was your blog that I saw them on. They have been great "fluffy" reads.