Saturday, April 04, 2009

Attempted shopping, part three

Alternately titled, success.

Yes, I did find something to wear for Easter. I was going to head back to Von Maur and try on a scary-expensive dress and jacket, but decided first to try Burlington Coat Factory. I had never been in there, but a friend suggested it, so I went.

First, I was surprised at how nice it was. I was expecting the chaotic warehouse shopping experience, which I hate, but it was very well-organized and pleasant inside. The first dress I saw was $29.99. It was one of the two dresses that I had tried on at Von Maur. Same fabric. Same brand. The price at Von Maur was $69. Whoa!

I wasn't seeing anything, until I walked all the way past the clearance stuff to the edge of the department. I saw a couple of racks of ladies suits and two-piece dresses. Jackpot! I found a warm cream two piece dress that looks decent and cost a fifth of what I was willing to spend. I need to get some shoes, but that shouldn't be hard.

It also should look good with the hat that I fell in love with.


Elephantschild said...

Bravo! I love the hat, too. Gorgeous. I'll be wearing this in chocolate-brown (not green!) lace on Good Friday:

But I don't have a hat for Easter morning.

Jane said...

Ooooh, I like that EC. Very nice.
I have a vintage black bit of something that I may wear for the Tre Ore on Friday.

The Parson's Wife said...

Okay, so... here in the U.P. of Michigan, we are not blessed with Jefferson Pointe, or for that matter, Burlington... so I am not coveting... really... not going to happen. We have a BIG K (which I can't figure out what the Little "K" would have been)- and we have teens, so we know NEVER to step foot into any store called "K".... and we have a WalMart (built a year ago- happy for that), not so good in the fashion department... Really, a trip to the city (2 1/2 hours to a mall) is in order! Then again, economics... shoot... Shopping online is no fun, can I join you for a shopping trip and coffee stop?!

Don't I use those three dots WAY to much!

Enjoy your Holy Week as you look good in your suhwheat hat! I am not coveting! Not! Bless you!