Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's a grown up

Watching your kids grow up is one of the scariest, best, hardest, most wonderful things a parent gets to do. Each stage from sitting up and taking first steps, through driving lessons and teen-age angst, is a new experience, especially with your first child.

This is an eventful time around our house. Last Wednesday night the proud papa and I watched as our oldest was named outstanding senior by the IPFW history department and honored for being at the very tippy-top of this spring's graduating class. Two weeks from tomorrow she will graduate.

Today we got additional happy news. She has been hired by a local law firm to be a paralegal. A real, full-time, grow up job with benefits! She is excited about the job, which should be interesting and challenging.

We have another graduate this spring. Patrick is finishing high school and will be attending IPFW in the fall. He's not certain about a major yet, but is looking forward to getting started.

I have to admit that the homeschool mom part of me is feeling a certain amount of vindication. Oh yes, I realize that I still have two more to graduate, and Patrick isn't DONE with college yet, but I'm seeing that they have the ability to function as competent adults. I'm beginning to feel more confident that I haven't ruined their lives.

Tomorrow we will celebrate another big birthday. But that's another post.


Elephantschild said...

I still can't get the Boston Legal show out of my head...

I'm sure it will be nothing at all like that.


Adriane said...

Yay for Bethany and Patrick!

Emily said...

That is awesome!

Erin said...

Very happy for you (and Bethany and Patrick of course!). I was smiling a big smile as I read your post.

Javamom said...

Congrats to your daughter, but also to your son, too! As we are saying in our house "two down, two to go..."

It is a bit of a comfort, isn't it, to see that they have the real survival skills to make it in the adult world. (smile) I think my kids definitely had more confidence moving out and on than I did at their ages. I think I was in "tell me what to do next" mode until my junior or senior year in college, and even then I was pretty unsure of a lot of things, and still trying to bridge into adulthood. That took at least two years into marriage till I had grasped and become comfortable with that.

Congrats again, and enjoy this stage of life! It is kind of fun and rewarding!

Kim in TX

GreenJello said...

We're in that stage, too-- one married, two graduating high school this year, and more on the way.

It's difficult transitioning kids into adulthood, but oh-so-rewarding when they can DO it! :)