Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seven weird random things

Cheryl tagged me to tell you seven weird, random things about me. Random is usually something I'm good at, so I'll give this a try.

1. I have the same recurring dream as Cheryl. (That is weird!)

2. I attended four colleges and had six different majors. I graduated with almost 150 credit hours.

3. All of my children have dark hair and brown eyes. All seven of my nieces and nephews (not step) have blond hair and light eyes.

4. I love to dust and iron. When I was a kid I'd beg for things to iron. (I'd also beg for math problems to do,so you know something was wrong.)

5. None of my children were born in the same town. (And they were born in three states.)

6. Eating oranges makes me feel sick, except when I was pregnant. Then they helped my morning sickness.

7. I was a lesson junkie when I was a kid. I had lessons in tap, ballet, tumbling, piano, guitar, flute, voice, tennis, swimming, ceramics, bowling, breadmaking, trampoline, roller skating, and horseback riding. There may be more that I'm forgetting.

I'll tag a few people, avoiding those already tagged. But if I don't tag you and you want to play, do it! Bethany, Mossback Meadow, Jan, Shawn, and Jonathan.


The Parson's Wife said...

I learned a lot about you! And so it goes...

GreenJello said...

My four were all born in different towns, and three states. However, one was born in a state different than we lived in. We were on vacation when she was born!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I had to go read Cheryl's dream, and I've had that one several times too.

Cheryl said...

You love dusting and ironing? In that case, come on over and let me make your day!

BTW, my kids were born in three different towns, too (although only two states).