Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scraps of time

It seems like I'm always trying to grab on to the extra little pieces of time to do the things I want to do, but twice a year I set aside a whole weekend just to have fun. So I'm leaving tomorrow morning with two friends to go scrapbook for almost three days.

I love the order that scrapbooking brings to my photos and my memories. I love the creative outlet. I've looked at digital scrapbooking options, but I love the feeling of the components and playing with the paper, moving things around to fit them on the page and tell the story. I love to write about the people and the places and the memories they bring.

So I'll drink coffee, eat snacky food, talk, laugh, cry, and have a really good time. And I'll come home feeling like I've taken a few more steps out of chaos.


Dakotapam said...

I agree. Sometimes I think digital scrapbooking would be cheaper, and quicker and neater. But I love getting my hands all sticky and messing with things until they are just so, and I think some day my kids will appreciate seeing my handwriting, and what I made with my hands with their memories!

That said, I break many conventional scrap booking rules. I scrap out of order, I don't scrap everything, I don't always balance my pages. But that is how I am too!

I have done some photo books for special gifts and I like them...but my scrapbooks tell the story so much better!

Jane said...

Pam, I scrap out of order sometimes, and I don't scrap nearly everything. I've started doing more thematic books and just for fun layouts.

Next scrapping retreat I am going to be working on heritage books and am working on collecting the pictures for that.

The Parson's Wife said...

Hey, those are all the ways I scrapbook too! My dd laughs because she is a toddler on one page and a teen on the next.

Have fun Jane, while in The Holy City (Fort Wayne) I had a group of scrapping friends too. Up North in the U.P. the trend really hasn't hit...weird, huh?!

Glenda said...

Oh I'm soooo jealous. I should really take advantage of a scrapbooking retreat one time.