Monday, November 03, 2008

A few final thoughts

Of course, we all knew I couldn't let this week pass without one last political post.

First my friend Jenny shares this. Sorry Obama fans, this is scary stuff. Combine this with Obama's long-standing antipathy to individual gun rights and it's no surprise that sales of guns and ammo are up.

Then we have the usual libs threatening to leave the country if McCain wins. Please. Go already.
Then there are those who predict violence if Obama loses. These are the folks who consider themselves so reasonable.

Obama surrounds himself with such thoughtful people.

Enough. I'm getting all agitated again.


Evan said...

A few weeks back, the folks at the Corner were talking about the perennial I'm-moving-to-blank-if-reviled Republican-wins commentary. I'm wholly with you, just leave already. But the Cornerites had two interesting points: 1) conservatives never talk this way and (possibly because) 2) where would we go? Pre-1997 Hong Kong?

CarrieAnn said...

Go read Pastor Peterson's post on Cyberstones and may God's will be done.

elephantschild said...

How is the USA like the Missouri Synod?

As messed up as we are, we're STILL THE BEST GAME IN TOWN.

Durn tooting! Woo-hoo!