Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tagged: Seven Things

My friend Jennifer tagged me. I am supposed to write seven unrelated, random, uninteresting things about myself. Then I need to tag seven other people.

1. In the last 40 hours I have driven over 600 miles, been sunburned, drenched by rain and food poisoned.

2. When I was in junior high I wrote with a purple Flair and dotted my i's with a little flower.

3. I am allergic to the smell of lilacs.

4. I prefer silver jewelry to gold.

5. I like to write on yellow legal pads or graph paper.

6. I went to Girl Scout camp when I was a kid.

7. I met my husband when he was our family's paper boy.

I tag Melynda, Julie, Polly, Bethany, Marie, Lora, and Susan.


Melynda said...

Are you feeling any better?

~Jennifer said...

#3? Stay away from me when I'm happy. ;-)

Jane said...

I am feeling better, although still not 100%.