Monday, May 07, 2007

On the run

The past few days have been hectic, but fun.

This weekend we had a visit from our good friends from Wisconsin. Saturday evening Melynda and the Rebellious Pastor's Wife joined us all for a mostly-indoor cookout. The kids ran and played for hours, taking only a short break for food. We adults sat and talked, and talked, and talked.

Sunday after church we went out for Mexican food and then our Wisconsin friends headed onward on their trip to Canada. We then moved on to celebrate a couple of confirmations. (Read what Pastor Petersen has to say about confirmation here.)

After that we enjoyed the final Bach Collegium performance of the year. The performance was fantastic, but the pews were the most uncomfortable that I have ever endured!

After a day of constant running today, most of us leave at 6:00 am for a tour with Jonathan's choir. We'll traipse around Michigan for a couple of days visiting Frankenmuth and Greenfield Village, and hearing the kids sing at several Lutheran schools along the way.


Melynda Hoffman said...

Thanks Jane, it was a blast!

~Jennifer said...

I tagged ya. Sorry. ;-)