Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mothers' Day and a big pile of dirt

My mothers' day present was 2 1/2 tons of landscape blocks and six yards of dirt so that I can have a nice raised-bed garden in my back yard.

Colin and the boys worked hard all afternoon Sunday laying the blocks. Yesterday a huge pile of dirt was delivered. (Although we ordered six yards, Colin thinks we got more like nine or ten yards.) The guys worked for several hours moving the dirt by wheelbarrow from the driveway to the garden. The garden is full but we still have a pretty good pile of dirt.

Today I am going to start with the planting. I haven't had a garden for years, so I am really excited about my own fresh veggies this summer!

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Marie N. said...

Oh how fun! You'll be enjoying that all summer and fall and then for years to come. That's a great gift.

What do you plan to grow?