Thursday, December 07, 2006

Where do the days go?

December just started and already it's the 7th. How does that happen?

We had a blast at On My Thyme. Julie tells a bit about it on her blog. I can't wait to try the food that we made. Everything looked and smelled delicious. I'm already looking forward to going next month!

Speaking of Julie, if you have kids to buy gifts for her books are great. My nieces and nephews have all received at least one of them. (Yes, Aunt Jane buys books for presents. Isn't that a big surprise?!)

As I sit here the snow is gorgeous coming down outside my office window. Earlier today it was snowing here, but, as I drove across town it was completely clear. That snow never did move east. I wonder if this is getting the rest of town.

The soup for the advent supper is bubbling on the stove and the brownies just came out of the oven. We always look so forward to these pre-Advent service suppers!


RPW said...

I'm looking forward to trying On My Thyme, too. I'm glad it was fun!

Now if I can just get my family healthy.... ;)

Jane said...

You'll have to go with us next time!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane, oh, you are just so nice for getting my books as gifts! And, by the way, we ate the Flank Steak stuff with Mushrooms on Wed. night and wow was it good.

Lisa said...

sigh... i was smiling as i read your post until i got to the advent suppers part. i must confess i'm a sap. i am crying. miss you guys!

Jane said...

We missed you, Lisa. We were talking about how strange it was not to be eating your cookies. :)