Monday, December 18, 2006


When a friend named her blog Favorite Apron, a very clear picture came to mind. It was a yellow/gold ruffled apron. It was voluminous. It had sleeves that covered the sleeves of a good dress. It was an apron that allowed someone to engage in serious cooking without endangering clothes.

This apron lived in the apron drawer in my Grandma Caston's kitchen. It was a wide drawer full of aprons of all shapes and sizes. I loved to help my grandma in the kitchen. And I almost always wore an apron.

I wish that I had a couple of grandma's aprons. Partly because I am sentimental and I would love to have that little bit of her in my kitchen and partly because I could use a couple of good aprons.

I am a messy cook. I wear an apron most of the time when I cook. It's a denim bib apron that I earned as a sales incentive from a book company. It is very servicable and does a pretty great job of protecting my clothes. But it isn't feminine. So I'm on a mission to find some sweet old aprons. They won't be my grandma's, but I'll still enjoy wearing them.


Anonymous said...

We are thinking alike. I just got three myself. :)

Marie N. said...

Hi Jane, I have read on several blogs about the wonderful apron finds some ladies have made at thrift stores. Also, if you like to sew, I'm sure there are many vintage patterns on the web.

Presbytera said...

Today we baked Christmas cookies and I brought out my aprons. My granddaughters look forward to wearing them! I'm thinking they might have wonderful memories of wearing grandma's aprons too. The aprons they wear I got as wedding shower gifts 34 years ago. My apron of choice is one I purchased a couple of months ago in Amish country. It is a purple quilted apron.

Jane said...

Those kinds of grandma memories are so precious, Barb!