Friday, December 22, 2006

A total waste of time

Yes, this penguin game is a total waste of time. But it is hilarious.

Speaking of penguins:

HT: Jottings and Such


Susan said...

I LOVE the penguin game!!
Hi Jane, Susan here. Remember me? Sem wife now pastor's wife?? Saw you at Higher Things??
I found your blog last week and have been reading it when I get a chance.
Marie has been started her own blog. Check it out
BTW. . . on your web page I signed up on your map thing.

Anonymous said...

Groovy jammies!

I'm a fellow blogging chick, originally from Iowa. When I saw "Indiana" I broke out into a cold sweat...BIG TEN SPORTS!

(Not that I'm a sports fan, but if you go to UIowa, they beat you over the head with it.)

Nice blog!

oratiomom said...

OK...I am addicted to the penguin game. My max distance is 301.6. What a wonderful waste of time! Just what I need!