Monday, September 04, 2006

To hunt no more...

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, much beloved by the males in this house, died today after being struck by a stingray barb.

According to anything I've ever read, the father of two never felt that he was in danger from the wild animals that he worked with. I watched his shows with the boys for a long time, but quit after he took his very young son into an enclosure with crocodiles.

Now I'll be subjected to strange Aussie accent parodies and ejaculations of "Snakes" and "Crikey" all day.


~Jennifer said...

I was rather sad about it, myself. We've loved watching him here, but I also didn't like seeing him take his child so close to the crocs.

skatey katie said...

hello jane
i saw ya at barb the evil genius's (i really resonate with your comment about home schooling), and got a surprise to see your post about steve irwin, i just blogged about him too..
and my kids are so upset he died..
ok i'm off to read some more of your blog.
:o) kate in new zealand

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm not sure that he felt like he was in any danger as much as he'd been around crocodiles and such so much all his life that it was like second nature to him. I know people were upset with the thing with his son, but I think there too he knew so much about crocs that *he* felt secure with what he did even if it didn't appear safe. I'm not sure what *I* think of what he did. From what I've read about the accident, it seems like it was a very, very unusual thing to happen, even for divers who are around stingrays a lot. It's very sad that he's dead, and I feel for his kids.

Lisa said...

A sad day for conservation - a great man - who brought his kids up in an environment that most of us know little about. He was a great man, who treasured his family above all and a conservationist who has legendary status here in Queensland - his legacy will live on forever.