Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blogging notes

I didn't write yesterday because I felt that I couldn't write about anything other than September 11, but didn't have anything to say about it that someone else hadn't said better. In the next couple of days I may have a post or two that are provoked by things that I've been reading and hearing the past couple of days.

There is a new blog that I am excited about, and not because I'm one of the bloggers. My friend Susan, who I've been badgering for ages, is finally blogging along with a team of highly-trained experts--uh, no that's not it--oh yeah, really cool moms! So visit the MouthHouse Moms.


Rachel said...

You should know that mom has a blog of her very own, now...


Barbara Frank said...

Hi Jane,

Glad you stopped by my blog! Hope all is well with you and your family :)

I didn't blog about 9/11, either, for the same reason as yours. But I did read one post that was different and very interesting. It's Janet's at:


Have a great week,