Friday, September 08, 2006

Adventures in the country

Bethany and I went on a long-planned trip into the country today. There is an old road, finished in 1833, that runs between Fort Wayne and the town where I was born that has some really pretty spots and some great old buildings. It is becoming suburbanized in spots and we wanted to capture some of the sights before they are homogenized.

After that we headed out into the country in another direction on a couple of other missions. I wanted to get pictures of a couple of old tombstones and check on a couple of things in an old cemetary where a number of my ancestors are buried. Bethany enjoys the cemetaries, too, so we got really absorbed in what we were doing.

Next thing we knew we were being cornered by a vicious...

Boston Terrier. We were chased from the cemetary and out the gate by a PACK of them. (Sounds pretty dramatic, huh? Really, I think it was a family who wanted to play, but I wasn't taking any chances.) Pretty soon they forgot about us and we went back home, but it was very amusing.


~Jennifer said...

ooooh, I love Boston Terriers. Ours is such a sweetie, but I have heard about a mean one or two. They probably wanted to lick the nose of your face. :)

ghp said...

Bostons are not "dogs" -- they are little, furry people!

They'll lick you until the cows come home... and then they'll lick the cows! ;^)

Thanks for the motivation for finally getting a particular BT-related photo of mine blogged & available, Jane.

Jane said...

Yeah, I thought of you yesterday when they were chasing us out of the cemetary. :)

They were really adorable, and, if we ever get our place in the country, I'm getting one of my own.