Monday, April 10, 2006

Yesterday was a good day...

(...Now I need to go break out a Journey CD.)

Back to the topic. Some days just stand out, and yesterday was one of those days. I was actually dreading the day because we'd had a busy Saturday with the questioning, and then a dance at the studio where we take lessons.

But we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, and then got to enjoy the wonderful Palm Sunday hymns and the reading of the whole passion account from one of the Gospels, and an excellent sermon, as usual.

Yesterday afternoon we got to enjoy the wonderful music of the Bach Collegium performing Schutz's St. John Passion. Our enjoyment of the music was enhanced by the fact that our daughter has joined the choir and it was her first performance with them. (If you live in the Fort Wayne area, the next concert is May 7. You really need to hear them!)

After we finished there we drove out through the country and down to Decatur to see my sweet grandma and grandpa. Grandma celebrated her 89th birthday yesterday and my grandfather will celebrate his 93rd this week, God willing. Grandma recently got an electric wheelchair, which has given her a tremendous amount of freedom. She was zipping down the hall of the nursing home and one of the other ladies called out, "Helen, you're speeding!"
Colin and my grandpa played a couple games of checkers and grandma showed the kids and I all of the bird drawings that she's been doing. I thank God that he has allowed my children to have this wonderful time with their great-grandparents!

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Marie N. said...

Hi Jane,

Sounds like a great day indeed! The dance lessons sound so wonderful to me. I remember visiting my great grandmother in The Wartburg (that was the name of her N Y City nursing home). How wonderful that your grandmother can enjoy her drawings.