Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aced Out!

I've had a really busy week, so I didn't get to post my review of American Idol this week, but this post at Territorial Bloggings pretty well sums it up. I have to mention how happy I was with Chris's performance. He proved that he can do more than rock, if necessary.

And Ace is gone. Yippee!!


Jacqui said...

When I saw the two groups last night and Taylor had to pick which one was staying, I had to think a bit which one had the lowest scores. The difficulty was that Katharine was in one group and Chris was in the other. Also Kellie, who wasn't all that great, was in Katharine's group. I finally decided that, since Simon was so impressed with Katharine, that her group must be the one staying. I'm so glad it was Ace, and not Chris, who was voted off. I'm assuming people felt sorry for Kellie, which is why she wasn't in the bottom three.

Jane said...

Kellie apparently has a fan base. It's too bad. Bethany and i both think that Katharine belongs on Broadway. Her voice is well suited to that.

ghp said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jane!

I appreciate the link, too... ;^)

Kellie does have a fanbase. However, as others get eliminated, I don't think that they'll gravitate to her -- IOW, I don't see Kellie's fanbase growing significantly larger than it already is.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Ace's fans will go primarily to Chris, and secondarily to Elliot. And that doesn't bode well for either Kellie or Paris.