Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Being Aunt Jane

My niece, Kate, is on spring break this week, so she is staying with us. Her four year old sister wanted to come to the "Casey's house," too, so she is with us also.

I had forgotten how much work it is having a preschooler around! Everything takes a little longer. Everything takes a little more effort. And the decision about whether to wear Strawberry Shortcake or Dora underpants today was momentous!

She is sweet, though. Very huggy and cute. Every once in a while I wish that I had another little one, but this reminder is good for me. It makes me feel very satisfied with having only kids in double-digits. (Although having one approaching 20 is a bit of a bummer. In my mind, I'm not old enough for that!!)

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Genuine Lustre said...

Getting Erin dressed is agonizing.She has to wear a dress every day, but only a dress with a full skirt and a certain length. She prefers to go "al fresco" without underpants. She won't wear socks, and refuses to wear her nice comfortable shoes, opting instead for a glittery pair she latched onto at a goodwill store ( despite blisters). Getting out the door to church means a tantrum and several clothing changes. Also, she won't let us do anything with her hair - it hangs in her face. She looks like a ragamuffin. This too shall pass!