Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Idols singing Queen, Part 2

Okay, so tonight wasn't as bad as I had feared. I've spent the last 15 minutes or so reading what various bloggers thought and it's interesting to see the variety of opinion.
Here are my opinions based on my love of Queen's music and my faithful watching of AI with my 19 yo daughter & 15yo son.

Bucky sang Fat Bottom Girls and did really well (for Bucky.) I'm hoping that this performance keeps him around another week, because I like him. He exudes nice.

A couple of performances gave me the nails on the chalkboard sensation. Speaking of which, Ace sang We Will Rock You. This was a blatant lie. Ace doesn't rock. Not even close.

Kellie singing Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't the train wreck it could've been, but I still don't comprehend chopping an almost-six minute song down to 90 seconds. It was just strange. And I don't comprehend that song choice. She's no Constantine.

Most of the blogs I read disagree here, but I liked Chris tonight, just as I have all along. (A large number of those bloggers had never heard Innuendo before, and didn't like the song.)

Elliott sang Somebody to Love. I have liked Elliot since the beginning. He has a great voice, but that song was painful.

Katherine sang Who Wants to Live Forever and was just completely forgettable. She was really forcing some of the big notes and her outfit was boring.

Taylor is the contestant that I change my mind about the most often. Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a perfect song for him. Tonight I liked him a lot!

Last we have Paris. Her rendition of The Show Must Go On was good. But the thing that bugs me about here is the fact that she tries to act and look like a worldly 30 yo.

What will the results be? I don't know, but I'll be happy if Ace or Katherine are gone. I hope that tonight didn't do Elliott in.


Anonymous said...

I agree with almost all your comments. I think Katharine has a great voice, but yes she has been rather boring. Also, I really like Taylor although he's a bit odd at times ;-) I thought Chris did a good job last night, although I agree with Simon that he really could have had his moment picking one of the more popular Queen songs. But Chris is my favorite. Ace is right out for me and has been since the beginning. He just bugs me for some reason. Maybe I just feel he needs a haircut ;-) From what I've been hearing, Bucky will probably be the one to go. I didn't see his performance, but at least he seems like a nice guy.


Hausfrau said...

I could listen to Chris for the whole hour. I didn't like the song, but still ... his voice is so powerful. I like that.

I agree about Ace ... definately no rocking going on there. I just don't like him. Isn't that unChristian of me? It's the truth though. I don't trust the guy. Seems to act humble, but comes across as just that ... acting.

And Katharine ... If she left the show it wouldn't upset me a bit. Funny to note though, I've had several people (according to my sitemeter) come to my blog by searching for "Katharine McPhee breast size" . Honest. What is up with that?! Guess she has a following anyway. Just for the record there is nothing on my blog about McPhee's breasts. ;-)

I enjoy Taylor, but if I'm totally honest ... I don't foresee myself buying a CD of his music. I won't say never, but doesn't seem probable. I think he'd be much more entertaining in person.

I though Kellie and Bucky both did better then I expected. Paris, too, but I agree about her presentation. I kept saying "You're a teenager, what is up with the outfit?"

Elliott sings well, but I don't know. He's just missing that "IT" factor I guess. What "IT" is I don't know exactly, but Chris has "IT" and that's where my votes have been going.

Wow. I do believe this may be the longest comment I've ever left. I better stop now. It's been fun.

Jane said...

I think that Taylor would be a blast to see at a bar like those that he's been playing in up to this point. I think Bucky would be, too.

But I'd buy Chris's CD, and might even shell out the bucks for a concert. :)

~Jennifer said...

Yeah, Chris is my favorite. I had my seven year old hittin' the redial on the phone to put in a few votes for him. ;-) I do agree with Simon, though, and wish he'd picked a different song, but then I had never heard that Queen song before and had trouble connecting with it.