Sunday, September 01, 2013


You probably have met Patrick, or at least know of him.
Patrick, trying to bring back dressing well, at a TinCaps game.

If you know me well, you've heard stories of Patrick's exploits in his younger years. But what you may not have heard about was what an adorably funny little kid he was.

My mother-in-law would sometimes write down things he said, because he cracked her up. Tonight, she emailed them to me. What a treasure! So for your enjoyment, I give you Patchyisms.
(This is copied exactly as I received it. For reference, Patrick was born late in the summer of 1990.)
Preschool: Patrick told the teacher, “Leave me alone. I’m doing my business.”
Age 3: None of that mushy stuff.”
December, 1994:
Carrying a pair of knitting needles, Patrick said, “Grandma, these are very dangerous chopsticks.”
Mar. 1995: Patrick told Ruth Ann, “Your daughter is a very bad mother. She told me I have to clean my room before I do anything else.”
Patrick was discussing his Dad’s golf game:  I said that his dad probably couldn’t beat Scott [the golf pro] but that his dad could do lots of things that Scott couldn’t do. Patrick thought a minute and said, “Yes, he’s a very good mower.”
Riding with us to Lafayette: “I have the hiccups. Grandpa’s driving too fast.”
To Pete [his grandma's dog who wouldn't do what he wanted]: Patchy’s counting to 3—1 ,2,3
November, ’93: Shannan [Patrick's aunt] told Patrick that he could stay with her when he was bigger, so the rest of the day, he kept asking Jane if he looked bigger.
“Bethany [his sister] is a bad boy.”


Elephantschild said...

:-) Awwwwwwww.

Jacqui said...

Made me laugh ;-). I can just picture that naughty boy saying all those things!