Thursday, August 02, 2012

I don't sit still

Come over here close. I need to tell you a secret.

You know the wriggly nine-year-boy whose teacher can't wait to put him on Ritalin? That's me. Except I'm a 40-something mother and grandma--I just haven't met my grandchild yet--and I haven't driven a teacher crazy for years.

But I don't sit still well. I manage in church, because I love it. I manage, barely, for other events like movies and concerts. I move around during Bible Class. And if I do have to sit, I doodle. And squirm.

Sometimes one of my sweet friends will let me borrow a child to watch during church, or Bible Class, or a Bach Collegium concert. And it looks like the child is the only wriggly one.

But he's not.

We had our family retreat at church this week. There were people who were concerned that I "never sat down" or that I didn't get to "enjoy the retreat." Believe me, I enjoyed the retreat plenty. I got to talk to friends, work in the kitchen, and talk about homeschooling, Lutheranism, and raising our kids. I got to sing some good hymns, plus the Te Deum and the Venite. I got to hear some incredible music. I got to see teens and adults and little kids dancing and laughing together.

It was good. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

But please don't make me sit still.


Susan said...

I have begun to sit still. I still struggle sometimes when I have to be still and cannot doodle or bounce my knee. But something with age and exhaustion (and sometimes instensity of concentration) has slowed me down enough that occasionally I am able to sit still. I never thought it would happen.

mom said...

I just love you so much!

Jane said...

Susan, are you suggesting that there may be hope for me yet? ;)

Ma--back atcha!

Rachel said...

My balance ball has been the best investment for my inability to sit still. Constant movement is expected on a balance ball!

Susan said...

Jane! You make it sound like not-sitting-still is a bad thing.

(By the way, I know how to spell intensity. I just can't SEE as far as the computer screen very well.... I'm SO embarrassed.)

CarrieAnn said...

I totally get it; you're the one who taught me coffee was okay! :)

Mary Swerens said...

I do get that, Jane! I don't understand it, but since getting some hormone treatment, my ADHD is barely noticeable! What does estrogen have to do with hyperactivity and focus??

Anonymous said...

I can't sit still, either. Now that all my babies are in Sunday School I've started knitting during Bible study so that I don't get up and wander away.

Laura said...

I don't like sitting still either. Now I am finding that when I do, I fall asleep! I can't watch TV at night anymore. I love the excuse of baby watching/ helps me greatly to be standing and swaying. I am so distracted...and as I think back on life, I have always been a daydreamer. But put something in my hands...and then I can focus on what I hear. Interesting topic, ladies. But I could sit at a table and listen to all of you all day!