Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm not great about praying. I'm lazy. I forget. I get busy or tired or distracted. Mostly distracted. But I do still manage to pray  at least once a day. And I do lots of little, spur of the moment, situational prayers.

One thing that I pray on a consistent basis is that somewhere out there God is watching over three young women who will be as perfect for my sons as Evan is for my daughter.

Happy anniversary to my daughter and her wonderful husband.


Bethany said...


I pray for those poor girls, too, whoever they are. ;o)

Jane said...


Glenda said...

After my engagement, my mom wrote a letter to my future mother-in-law. She not only thanked her for raising a wonderful man, but said that she had always prayed for such a man for me.

Yes, I cried when I found out.

You're a good, thoughtful mom. May the Lord bless you with three faithful daughters.

Elephantschild said...


I feel the same about your daughter as a match for my brother. :-)