Sunday, November 20, 2011

I want a cookie

I've been doing really well avoiding sweets and refined carbs most of the time for the past year. I did it for my health, but it's had the happy side effect of a 20 pound weight loss. I'll take it!

Most of the time I'm satisfied with the way I eat, but all it takes is one weekend in a bed and breakfast--with cookies and orange-almond french toast--to turn me into a cookie-craving, m&m devouring basket case.

I've probably eaten 30 m&ms tonight. I feel like crud from the sugar. But I still really want a cookie.
Tomorrow I need to be strong and do the lean protein and yummy veggies thing, and put the thoughts of cookies out of my head.


Mom said...

It's taken me a couple of weeks to regain most of my resolve - just in time for Thanksgiving! I was so disciplined at our church pitch-in today, but then happily cleaned out the pineapple cake pan (complete with cream cheese frosting) after we were home this afternoon. Christmas is gonna be tough! But we will prevail!

Elephantschild said...

::drool:: roasted Chicken. Brie with fruit. Roasted winter vegetables. A big juicy burger on a pile of fresh greens, topped with blue cheese and bacon.

Am I helping? :-)