Saturday, October 09, 2010


So, redecorating the blog has lead to some revisiting of links. I'm working on getting my blog roll updated. And I checked out my To-Do List.


I did manage to eliminate a couple of items, but only because I don't want to do them any more. According to this list, the last couple of years have been a total bust. But for some reason it just doesn't bother me much.


Elephantschild said...

HA. HA. That's why I completely gave up on making those sorts of lists and also gave up on New Year's Resolutions.

My interests change too much and too quickly.

Glenda said...

I like your new look. :-D

Mom said...

I loved it when you told me that finishing projects is overrated! That gave me permission not to fret about finishing that sampler I started when I was pregnant with you :)

Maybe that also applies to being a slave to some of the lists we give ourselves. Lists help me get my brain organized sometimes, but I'm not sure being bound to the long-range lists that make us feel we've either succeeded or failed leaves much room for "life" and being flexible enough to respond to all of the needs around us. I think lists are useful for keeping us on track, but not for beating up on ourselves. Maybe that's why it just didn't bother you much. You spend a lot of time responding to life.