Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We need some manly aprons

My sons are great about helping me in the kitchen. Patrick and Jonathan are great prep cooks and they are all three fabulous dishwashers. The problem is the aprons. They have learned from me that it makes a lot of sense to put on an apron to protect their clothes while they work in the kitchen. But with one exception--my indestructible denim apron--all of our aprons are pretty. Really, really pretty.

Ruffles on teen-aged guys just aren't a good look. And although I like the pretty aprons in theory, I'm not giving up my sturdy denim apron to anybody.
Looks like it's time for the cleanup crew!


Cassie said...

I have found some people selling manly aprons on I read a lot of blogs where people have made some really nice man aprons. :)

There are also some tutorials out there if you/they want to make one for themselves.

Adriane said...

I was going to suggest one of those purple LWML aprons that says, "Have you hugged a Lutheran today?" But maybe, better yet, the boys could just make their own: "Have you served as a thurifer today?"

Elephantschild said...

"Have you smoked your sanctuary today?" Ha, ha.

Look at a hardware store for canvas work aprons, Jane.

Melody said...

Canvas work aprons, or BBQ aprons. They have so many -cough- humorous quotes on them!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I've got a picture of my baby brother making chili in my mom's ruffled apron. . a couple years later I made him his own frill-free chili pepper apron. :)

Anan said...

I just have to comment because the word ver. is "Inger", one of my favorite Swedes. :-) I still haven't made you your random gift and this reminded me. Of course I haven't gotten random gifts from anyone else so I don't feel too guilty.

Jane said...

I was just thinking about those random gifts. I need to be getting on that!

Marie N. said...

Oh no! I just gave some Cleveland Indians aprons to a rummage sale -- they were nice, but I didn't need four of them.

Maybe a nice black denim would work!

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


You can get the standard green culinary ones at Sam's Club in a package, and if they want, they can even roll down the tops and just tie them around the waist like Emeril does.

I am not an apron person...but I have liked a vest that I got on for protecting my clothes..(though I can't say I was impressed with the quality) I don't know that it is particularly manly, either...but its different!

Matthew Thomas said...

Me (19) and my brother (16) came across your blog while looking for "Manly Aprons" and when we read this we laughed SO hard!!!! That picture is very much like several that us "boys" have been subjected to over the years as we work in the kitchen (which we love doing).
Thanks for the laugh... "We are no alone!" ;-)
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