Thursday, August 06, 2009

Unexpected things heard at the square dance

Last night we had a square dance and line dancing at our Wisdom & Eloquence Retreat. When it became obvious that the really little kids weren't getting it, someone offered to take them to go do crafts. So the first unexpected thing heard at the square dance?

"Little kids can join Pastor Petersen in the Youth Room for crafts."

Yep. It's true.

Second unexpected thing? The square dance caller calling him Pastor Dave.

You certainly don't hear that every day.


Adriane said...

Pastor Dave: that's awesome. Now I'm going to have to go edit that Lutheran Witness article.

Bethany said...

But it was even better when he said, "Pastor Dave wants to waltz."

Jacqui said...

Oh, I missed the Pastor Dave wants to waltz ;-) It was nice to get to waltz, though :-) You're so funny, Jane ;-)