Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why I find Obama terrifying

Public Allies.

William Ayers. And not just because he's a terrorist.

The way he deals with his critics.

The Second Amendment.


Polly said...

And this morning I hear that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is endorsing him. ( I cut and pasted that name - it's waaaay to early in the morning for spelling).

Polly said...

Hi! I'm back, after coffee, and feeling chatty. : )

This weekend I read two blogs by European women, and both used the same words when they said that Sarah Palin inspired "fear and loathing."
I couldn't help but think that a band of British politicians like Sarah might have kept England from being overrrun with Muslims and losing their British identity entirely to the EU.

Jane said...

No kidding.

I think that her strength is what is inspiring conservatives and and Driving liberals over the edge.

In their template conservative women aren't supposed to be strong. Just proves they don't know any of my friends. :)

elephantschild said...

Polly, at our house we follow Glenn Beck's lead and call the leader of Iran "President Tom."

Lot easier to say. :)