Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My new endeavor

Okay, it's not completely new, but this is the first time I'm doing it with a plan. I've decided I need to get in shape. It's only peripherally about losing weight. It's more about improving my health.

I knew that if, after three months of YMCA membership, I had not used the workout facilities, I probably wouldn't on my own. So I decided to take advantage of a special package that the Y offers members and get two sessions with a personal trainer and a fitness evaluation for less than the two sessions with the trainer normally cost.

I've had one session with the trainer and my evaluation. The biggest surprise of the evaluation is that I scored at the top of the scale for women my age on crunches and was very good as far as flexibility. Not at all surprising is that my upper body strength stinks. I need to improve my cardio, but when I consider that I've never specifically done cardio workouts, it's not too bad.

I am really glad I had the session with the trainer because she showed me the proper way to use the machines and how to set them for my height. There are a couple that I am not using because of my joint issues. She also introduced me to the rowing machine, which I am going to love!


organistsandra said...

Yea - good for you, Jane! My main motivation for exercising is that I feel much better when I do it. More energy, better mental focus, and I just feel better about myself. I mostly don't enjoy the exercising, but like the effect.

GreenJello said...

I'm joining you on the "I need to get fit so I feel better" bandwagon. :) So far, so good, but the exercise is sure kicking my butt! **grin**

Cheryl said...

We just joined our community recreation center's fitness club and Trevor and I went for the first time today. I walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and lifted weights for 15. I am so proud of myself! I, too, have been needing to get in better shape for a long time. I'm determined that this will be the year!