Monday, September 15, 2008

Under pressure

I can really identify with the phrase under the weather. That's how I spent Saturday afternoon and evening and most of Sunday. I have known for years that my joints react to humidity and temperature changes, but the reaction they had to the passing of the remnants of Ike was the worst I've ever experienced.

Apparently I'm not alone. I have talked to several people who had increased joint pain, severe whole-body pain, and headaches this weekend. I've read a couple of articles that point to changes in barometric pressure as the reason. They don't know why, but they believe that's the likely culprit.

Whatever it was, it even kept me away from my computer.


GreenJello said...

Ow, Jane. I don't envy you one bit.

I have also heard the barometric pressure theory. I think it's very interesting, because I can easily correlate my pain level by the weather changes. The more whacko severe the change (like a fast moving in-and-out storm), the more pain involved. Yuck.

Elephantschild said...

That makes sense, actually. A faster change would mean the fluid in our joints and the insides of our bones would have to acclimate faster to the change in pressure.