Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The speed of life

Sometimes the days fly by so quickly that it just amazes me. The past few days have been like that.

Yesterday the Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood had their retreat at Redeemer. We were there most of the day doing one thing or another. The boys attended the chant workshop that they held, and then we got to enjoy their chanting at Vespers last night.

I've been spending way to much time lately thinking about money. First, we are engaging in a Total Money Makeover. I'm working hard to get all organized so that we can really start doing everything the right way in February. It's hard work! And I'm sure that staying on our budget will be even harder.

I'm also trying to get all of the year-end stuff done at church. I hate the software that we use. I know that it has its plusses, but I mostly run into the minuses. I'm sure it would help if I were a financial whiz, but I haven't even balanced my checkbook for years.

(And yes, that is going to change.)

Of course there's lots of fun happening. We are looking forward to the arrival in town of Susan and a couple of her kids. They are coming for the annual Theological Symposia at the Seminary.

Having an extra "daughter" in the house has added another level of liveliness.

And a lot of junk food.

I'm loving my iPod.

And my house is staying clean, mostly because when we're home I never sit down.

Life is good.


Genuine Lustre said...

Ok - somebody else that doesn't balance a checkbook. Join the club! (Thank goodness I have Brad to do it for me).

Gen said...

Aw geez, I better look into that Total Money Makeover dealie. :-)